There was a Man of Double Deed – Anon.

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read by Robert Pinsky. audio from the slate poetry podcast.

There was a man of double deed,
Who sowed his garden full of seed;
When the seed began to grow,
‘Twas like a garden full of snow;
When the snow began to melt,
‘Twas like a ship without a belt;
When the ship began to sail,
‘Twas like a bird without a tail;
When the bird began to fly,
‘Twas like an eagle in the sky;
When the sky began to roar,
‘Twas like a lion at my door;
When my door began to crack,
‘Twas like a stick across my back;
When my back began to smart,
‘Twas like a penknife in my heart;
And when my heart began to bleed,
‘Twas death, and death, and death indeed.

One thought on “There was a Man of Double Deed – Anon.

  1. admin Post author

    I recently discovered the Slate poetry podcast courtesy of dime.oftheweek author Mat Thomas. I do enjoy a good podcast – and with Slate’s slightly higher credibility and Q score they’re able to have Robert Pinsky edit and comment upon the podcast, as well as discuss the weekly selection with listeners. It’s no poem.oftheweek, but it’s rather nice.

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