Link Thursday – twitter iambic pentameter, Emily Dickinson, Whitman given voice

Link Wednesday Thursday is back! Just in time for October. No promise that the links below will be timely or relevant.

>>Twitter seems to be a font of found poetry. @pentamatron joins in by creating rhymed iambic pentameter couplets out of random tweets. Here’s a delightful example:

>>Ever wonder what artifacts and furniture Emily Dickinson might have owned? You can even admire a brooch she owned that Flavorwire so drolly notes she might have worn “For dressing up to go downstairs.”

>>The only known recording of Walt Whitman has been made available on the Internet. There is a debate about its authenticity (it admittedly does sound crisper than this recording of Tennyson from the same time period). You can hear the audio here.

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